IOM Classic TT

2013 is the first year of the Isle of Man Classic TT. The Classic TT is part of a rebranded Manx GP motorcycling event and has been rebranded to try and capitalise on the success of the conventional 'TT' brand.

Despite being poorly communicated to the general public (with even island residents not knowing of its existence), the inaugural classic TT of 2013 has attracted a very strong line up of competitors including many top Isle of Man TT racers such as Guy Martin, Michael Dunlop, John McGuinness and Cameron Donald.  They are set to go head-to-head in a 500cc battle on Saturday August 24th 2013.

Isle of Man Festival of Motorcycling

The Classic TT is now part of what is being named the 'Isle of Man Festival of Motorcycling' which is an event that will last for a fortnight towards the end of August each year.  The Isle of Man Festival of Motorcycling will now consist of what was known as the Manx GP and this new Classic TT event. 

The Isle of Man Festival of Motorcycling lasts for two weeks, the first week consisting of practice sessions every night leading up to August bank holiday weekend each year, with the Classic TT then taking part over the bank holiday weekend each year followed finally by the Manx GP for the remainder of the fortnight:

Week One August Bank Holiday Weekend Week Two

<------------- Isle of Man Festival of Motorcycling ------------->

Practice Week

IOM Classic TT


Manx GP

If you are looking to watch the iom classic TT click here. Due to the relative unheard of nature of the IOM classic TT and the festival of motorcycling, the number of visitors to the island in the first few years is expected to be small especially when compared to that of the standard TT.  This does however, create an excellent opportunity for the general public to witness top class riders at a a fraction of the cost of the usual TT as the ferries, hotels and campsites of the island are not over subscribed.